A minimalist dynamic DNS service


Getting Started

First, claim your name. If the name is available, you will be given a private key.

This private key gives whoever holds it control over that name. If you lose the private key, you lose the name.

With your private key, you can call the Update API to manage your DNS records.



Manage DNS records


The /update endpoint is forgiving, meaning it:

Add or Update an IP Address

To add or update an IP address, send a GET, POST, or PUT request to /update. Specify key and ip parameters.

Set ip to any valid IPv4 or IPv6 address, or set ip=self to use the requester's IP address. Use host or to force IPv4 or IPv6.

Adding an IPv4 address will replace any existing IPv4 address, and similar for IPv6.

Add an ACME Challenge

To add an ACME dns-01 challenge, send a GET, POST, or PUT request to /update. Specify key and acme_challenge parameters.

The acme_challenge value will be served as a TXT record on all _acme-challenge subdomains. Challenge TXT records are automatically removed after a few minutes.

Delete IP Addresses

A DELETE request to /update with key removes both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Always responds with status code 204.


Manage your registration


Delete your Registration

To immediately and permanently delete your registration and release your name, send a DELETE request to /reg. Specify key.

Things to Know

Privacy Policy

No personal data is collected.

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